5th-9th April 2021


Introducing Green Skills WeeK

Speakers for Schools is proud to launch Green Skills Week offering young people valuable insight days, practical experience and access unique training and recruitment opportunities to equip them for roles in the growing Green Economy.

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What are green skills?

Green skills are those skills needed to adapt products, services and processes to climate change and the related environmental requirements and regulations.

These skills will be needed by all industries and at all levels in the workforce including Science and Nature, Construction, Infrastructure and Utilities, Technology, Travel, Architecture, Accountancy and Investment, Public Policy and Consultancy.

Jobs which support the green economy include scientists and engineers supporting nuclear and renewable energy, environmental impact consultants, architects, technicians able to install energy-efficient measures for homes, schools and hospitals, green investment specialists, politicians and civil servants, entrepreneurs and scientists to interpret climate change projections.

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Why do Green Skills Matter?

As young people continue to face unprecedented barriers to opportunity and progression due to the pandemic, we have the opportunity to help them focus on their futures and start to equip them with the skills and experiences they need to meet demand in growing sectors. As a key pillar of the UK’s Industrial Strategy and highlighted as one of four grand challenges, clean growth has been targeted by national and local governments as an area of economic opportunity.

There is rising demand for green skills and the need to upskill young people to meet that demand. As connectors and facilitators of quality early careers experiences, Speakers for Schools has the employer and school networks that make us uniquely equipped to do this.

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